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J.T. Buck & Company is a family run business situated in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. We are fortunate to have access to some of the most diverse sportfishing in the world. If we want to fish for salmon, halibut, trout or bass, it is all within an hour or so drive. It doesnt get much better than that!

J.T. Buck & Co. was founded through the inspiration of our Dad. He was an avid fisherman-- the kind who would fish before work and 'just quick' before he came home. He had us all out fishing well before we were old enough to go to school. Fishing is such a part of our lives that we felt it only natural to make it our business.

Our goal is to help folks get quality gear at a price that is affordable. We dont want to make large amounts of money on one sale.. we want to have tiny profit margins and just sell more. When you think of fishing or outdoor gear, we want you to think of JT Buck & Co. Whether you fish from your boat, stand on a bank, or are waist deep in water, we can outfit you with what you need. If you are 3 years old or 100 years old, we make playing outside affordable. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with unsurpassed service. We want you to be excited about your purchase.

J.T. Buck & Co. encourages everyone to preserve our fish runs and respect the beauty of our surroundings. And in the spirit of our Dad, we can recommend that you take a Kid fishing! Go play outside and have some fun!

J.T. Buck & Co.

Camano Island, WA


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